Interface XElement

    • Method Detail

      • getModifiers

        int getModifiers()
        The modifiers, as per java.lang.reflect.Modifier.
      • isStatic

        default boolean isStatic()
      • isFinal

        default boolean isFinal()
      • isPublic

        default boolean isPublic()
      • isPrivate

        default boolean isPrivate()
      • getAnnotation

        <A extends Annotation> A getAnnotation​(Class<A> annotationClass)
        Returns this element's annotation if present.
      • getAnnotationsByType

        <A extends Annotation> A[] getAnnotationsByType​(Class<A> annotationClass)
      • getProtoDocs

        String getProtoDocs()
        Collect and concatenate the description text from the (possibly multiple) @ProtoDoc.value annotations found on the element, in order of occurrence.
        the documentation or null if no doc or empty doc present