Interface XClass

    • Method Detail

      • getSimpleName

        String getSimpleName()
      • getCanonicalName

        String getCanonicalName()
      • getPackageName

        String getPackageName()
      • isPrimitive

        boolean isPrimitive()
      • isEnum

        boolean isEnum()
      • isArray

        boolean isArray()
      • getComponentType

        XClass getComponentType()
        Array component type, for arrays only.
      • getEnclosingClass

        XClass getEnclosingClass()
      • getSuperclass

        XClass getSuperclass()
      • getInterfaces

        XClass[] getInterfaces()
        Directly implemented interfaces.
      • getGenericInterfaceParameterTypes

        String[] getGenericInterfaceParameterTypes​(Class<?> c)
        Gets the actual type params of an interface implemented directly by this class or all its supers.
      • isAssignableTo

        boolean isAssignableTo​(XClass c)
      • isAssignableTo

        default boolean isAssignableTo​(Class<?> c)
        Should only be used with class literals. Any other type of usage should be considered suspect.
      • isLocal

        boolean isLocal()
        Is it a local or anonymous class?
      • isAbstract

        default boolean isAbstract()
      • isInterface

        default boolean isInterface()