package bank

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Type Members

  1. sealed trait AnnotationRound extends AnyRef
  2. case class AnswerSource(turkerId: String, round: AnnotationRound) extends Product with Serializable
  3. case class ConsolidatedData(index: DataIndex, all: ConsolidatedDataset, documentsById: Map[DocumentId, Document]) extends Product with Serializable
  4. case class ConsolidatedDataset(sentences: SortedMap[String, ConsolidatedSentence]) extends Product with Serializable
  5. case class ConsolidatedSentence(sentenceId: String, sentenceTokens: Vector[String], verbEntries: SortedMap[Int, VerbEntry], nonPredicates: SortedMap[Int, LowerCaseString]) extends Product with Serializable
  6. case class DataIndex(documents: Map[DatasetPartition, SortedSet[DocumentMetadata]], denseIds: SortedSet[SentenceId], qaNomIds: SortedSet[SentenceId] = SortedSet()) extends Product with Serializable
  7. sealed trait DatasetPartition extends AnyRef
  8. case class Document(metadata: DocumentMetadata, sentences: SortedSet[ConsolidatedSentence]) extends Product with Serializable
  9. case class DocumentId(domain: Domain, id: String) extends Product with Serializable
  10. case class DocumentMetadata(id: DocumentId, part: DatasetPartition, title: String) extends Product with Serializable
  11. sealed trait Domain extends AnyRef
  12. case class FullQasrlData(index: DataIndex, all: Dataset, documentsById: Map[DocumentId, Document], trainOrig: Dataset, devOrig: Dataset, testOrig: Dataset, trainExpanded: Dataset, devExpanded: Dataset, devDense: Dataset, testDense: Dataset) extends Product with Serializable
  13. sealed trait QuestionSource extends AnyRef
  14. case class SentenceId(documentId: DocumentId, paragraphNum: Int, sentenceNum: Int) extends Product with Serializable

Value Members

  1. implicit val qasrlDataConsolidatedSentenceOrder: Order[ConsolidatedSentence]
  2. implicit val qasrlDataSentenceOrder: Order[Sentence]
  3. object AnnotationRound
  4. object AnswerSource extends Serializable
  5. object ConsolidatedDataset extends Serializable
  6. object ConsolidatedSentence extends Serializable
  7. object Data
  8. object DataIndex extends Serializable
  9. object DatasetPartition
  10. object Document extends Serializable
  11. object DocumentId extends Serializable
  12. object DocumentMetadata extends Serializable
  13. object Domain
  14. object QuestionSource
  15. object SentenceId extends Serializable

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