Package org.mockito

Mockito is a mock library for java - see Mockito class for for usage.


Interface Summary
BDDMockito.BDDMyOngoingStubbing<T> See original OngoingStubbing
BDDMockito.BDDStubber See original Stubber
InOrder Allows verification in order.
MockingDetails Provides mocking information.
MockSettings Allows mock creation with additional mock settings.
ReturnValues Deprecated. Instead, please use Answer interface

Class Summary
AdditionalAnswers Additional answers provides factory methods for less common answers.
AdditionalMatchers See Matchers for general info about matchers.
ArgumentCaptor<T> Use it to capture argument values for further assertions.
ArgumentMatcher<T> Allows creating customized argument matchers.
BDDMockito Behavior Driven Development style of writing tests uses //given //when //then comments as fundamental parts of your test methods.
Matchers Allow flexible verification or stubbing.

MockitoAnnotations MockitoAnnotations.initMocks(this); initializes fields annotated with Mockito annotations.

Enum Summary
Answers Enumeration of pre-configured mock answers

Annotation Types Summary
Captor Allows shorthand ArgumentCaptor creation on fields.
Incubating The annotation conveys following information: The API is fairly new and we would appreciate your feedback.
InjectMocks Mark a field on which injection should be performed.
Mock Mark a field as a mock.
MockitoAnnotations.Mock Deprecated.
Spy Allows shorthand wrapping of field instances in an spy object.

Package org.mockito Description

Mockito is a mock library for java - see Mockito class for for usage.