Mockito 2.5.3 API
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PluginSwitch - Interface in org.mockito.plugins
Allows switching off the plugins that are discovered on classpath.
PotentialStubbingProblem - Exception in org.mockito.exceptions.misusing
Strict stubbing is a new opt-in feature for JUnit Rule (MockitoRule.strictness(Strictness)) and JUnit Runner (MockitoJUnitRunner.StrictStubs).
PotentialStubbingProblem(String) - Constructor for exception org.mockito.exceptions.misusing.PotentialStubbingProblem
printInvocations() - Method in interface org.mockito.MockingDetails
Returns printing-friendly list of the invocations that occurred with the mock object.
printInvocations(Object...) - Method in interface org.mockito.MockitoDebugger
process(Class<?>, Object) - Method in interface org.mockito.plugins.AnnotationEngine
Processes the test instance to configure annotated members.
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Mockito 2.5.3 API