package plotlyjs

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Package Members

  1. package plotlyConts

Type Members

  1. trait Axis extends Object
    @JSType() @native()
  2. class AxisBuilder extends JSOptionBuilder[Axis, AxisBuilder]
  3. trait Color extends AnyRef
  4. trait ColorScale extends AnyRef
  5. trait Compassable extends EWable with NEable with NWable with NSable
  6. trait Config extends Object
    @JSType() @native()
  7. class ConfigBuilder extends JSOptionBuilder[Config, ConfigBuilder]
  8. trait Dimension extends Object
    @JSType() @native()
  9. class DimensionBuilder extends JSOptionBuilder[Dimension, DimensionBuilder]
  10. trait Dotable extends Symbol
  11. trait DownSymbol extends Downable with Openable
  12. trait Downable extends Symbol
  13. trait DownloadImgopts extends Object
    @JSType() @native()
  14. trait EWable extends Symbol
  15. trait ErrorY extends Object
    @JSType() @native()
  16. class ErrorYBuilder extends JSOptionBuilder[ErrorY, ErrorYBuilder]
  17. trait Font extends Object
    @JSType() @native()
  18. trait Layout extends Object
    @JSType() @native()
  19. class LayoutBuilder extends JSOptionBuilder[Layout, LayoutBuilder]
  20. trait Leftable extends Symbol
  21. trait Legend extends Object
    @JSType() @native()
  22. class LegendBuilder extends JSOptionBuilder[Legend, LegendBuilder]
  23. trait Linable extends PlotMode
  24. trait Margin extends Object
    @JSType() @native()
  25. class MarginBuilder extends JSOptionBuilder[Margin, MarginBuilder]
  26. trait Markable extends PlotMode
  27. trait NEable extends Symbol
  28. trait NSable extends Symbol
  29. trait NWable extends Symbol
  30. trait Openable extends Symbol
  31. trait OpenableOnly extends Symbol
  32. trait Orientable extends Upable with Downable with Rightable with Leftable
  33. trait PlotData extends Object
    @JSType() @native()
  34. class PlotDataBuilder extends JSOptionBuilder[PlotData, PlotDataBuilder]
  35. trait PlotLine extends Object
    @JSType() @native()
  36. class PlotLineBuilder extends JSOptionBuilder[PlotLine, PlotLineBuilder]
  37. trait PlotMarker extends Object
    @JSType() @native()
  38. class PlotMarkerBuilder extends JSOptionBuilder[PlotMarker, PlotMarkerBuilder]
  39. trait PlotMode extends AnyRef
  40. trait PlotlyHTMLElement extends Object
    @JSType() @native()
  41. trait PlotlyStatic extends Object
    @JSType() @native()
  42. trait PointData extends Object
    @JSType() @native()
  43. trait PointsData extends Object
    @JSType() @native()
  44. trait RangeSelector extends Object
    @JSType() @native()
  45. class RangeSelectorBuilder extends JSOptionBuilder[RangeSelector, RangeSelectorBuilder]
  46. trait RangeSelectorButton extends Object
    @JSType() @native()
  47. class RangeSelectorButtonBuilder extends JSOptionBuilder[RangeSelectorButton, RangeSelectorButtonBuilder]
  48. trait RangeSlider extends Object
    @JSType() @native()
  49. class RangeSliderBuilder extends JSOptionBuilder[RangeSlider, RangeSliderBuilder]
  50. trait Rightable extends Symbol
  51. trait Shape extends Object
    @JSType() @native()
  52. trait SizeMode extends AnyRef
  53. trait Symbol extends AnyRef
  54. trait Textable extends PlotMode
  55. trait ToImgopts extends Object
    @JSType() @native()
  56. trait TopCompassable extends TopSEable with TopNEtable with TopNWable with TopSWable
  57. trait TopDownable extends Symbol
  58. trait TopLeftable extends Symbol
  59. trait TopNEtable extends Symbol
  60. trait TopNWable extends Symbol
  61. trait TopOrientable extends TopUpable with TopDownable with TopRightable with TopLeftable
  62. trait TopRightable extends Symbol
  63. trait TopSEable extends Symbol
  64. trait TopSWable extends Symbol
  65. trait TopSymbol extends Openable with Dotable
  66. trait TopUpAndDown extends TopUpable with TopDownable
  67. trait TopUpable extends Symbol
  68. trait UpSymbol extends Upable with Openable
  69. trait Upable extends Symbol

Value Members

  1. object Axis extends AxisBuilder
  2. object Color
  3. object ColorScale
  4. object Config extends ConfigBuilder
  5. object Dimension extends DimensionBuilder
  6. object ErrorY extends ErrorYBuilder
  7. object Layout extends LayoutBuilder
  8. object Legend extends LegendBuilder
  9. object Margin extends MarginBuilder
  10. object PlotData extends PlotDataBuilder
  11. object PlotLine extends PlotLineBuilder
  12. object PlotMarker extends PlotMarkerBuilder
  13. object PlotMode
  14. object PlotModeBuilder
  15. object PlotType
  16. object Plotly extends Object with PlotlyStatic
    @native() @JSGlobal()
  17. object PlotlyImplicits
  18. object PlotlyStatic
  19. object Plotlyjs extends Object
    @native() @JSGlobalScope()
  20. object RangeSelector extends RangeSelectorBuilder
  21. object RangeSelectorButton extends RangeSelectorButtonBuilder
  22. object RangeSlider extends RangeSliderBuilder
  23. object SizeMode
  24. object Symbol