org.owasp.esapi The ESAPI interfaces and Exception classes model the most important security functions to enterprise web applications.
org.owasp.esapi.codecs This package contains codecs for application layer encoding/escaping schemes that can be used for both canonicalization and output encoding.
org.owasp.esapi.crypto This package contains ESAPI cryptography-related classes used throughout ESAPI.
org.owasp.esapi.errors A set of exception classes designed to model the error conditions that frequently arise in enterprise web applications and web services.
org.owasp.esapi.filters This package contains several filters that demonstrate ways of using the ESAPI security controls in front of your application.
org.owasp.esapi.reference This package contains reference implementations of the ESAPI interfaces.
org.owasp.esapi.reference.crypto This package contains the reference implementation for some of the ESAPI cryptography-related classes used throughout ESAPI.
org.owasp.esapi.reference.validation This package contains data format-specific validation rule functions.
org.owasp.esapi.tags This package contains sample JSP tags that demonstrate how to use the ESAPI functions to protect an application from within a JSP page.
org.owasp.esapi.util This package contains ESAPI utility classes used throughout the reference implementation of ESAPI but may also be directly useful.
org.owasp.esapi.waf This package contains the ESAPI Web Application Firewall (WAF).
org.owasp.esapi.waf.actions This package contains the Action objects that are executed after a Rule subclass executes.
org.owasp.esapi.waf.configuration This package contains the both the configuration object model and the utility class to create that object model from an existing policy file.
org.owasp.esapi.waf.internal This package contains all HTTP-related classes used internally by the WAF for the implementation of its rules.
org.owasp.esapi.waf.rules This package contains all of the Rule subclasses that correspond to policy file entries.


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