Class AbstractInputStreamByteReceiver

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        org.refcodes.component.Closable.CloseAutomaton, org.refcodes.component.Closable.CloseBuilder<B extends org.refcodes.component.Closable.CloseBuilder<B>>
      • Nested classes/interfaces inherited from interface org.refcodes.component.ClosedAccessor

        org.refcodes.component.ClosedAccessor.ClosedMutator, org.refcodes.component.ClosedAccessor.ClosedProperty
      • Nested classes/interfaces inherited from interface org.refcodes.component.ConnectableComponent

      • Nested classes/interfaces inherited from interface org.refcodes.component.ConnectionStatusAccessor

        org.refcodes.component.ConnectionStatusAccessor.ConnectionStatusMutator, org.refcodes.component.ConnectionStatusAccessor.ConnectionStatusProperty
      • Nested classes/interfaces inherited from interface org.refcodes.component.OpenedAccessor

        org.refcodes.component.OpenedAccessor.OpenedMutator, org.refcodes.component.OpenedAccessor.OpenedProperty
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      void close​()
      boolean hasDatagram​()
      Determines whether a datagram is available from a DatagramSender.
      protected boolean isOpenable​( aInputStream)
      Checks if is openable.
      protected void open​( aInputStream)
      Open, see
      byte readDatagram​()
      Reads (receives) the next byte passed from a DatagramSender counterpart.
      void releaseAll​()
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        getConnectionStatus, isClosable, isClosed, isOpenable, isOpened, open, setConnectionStatus
      • Methods inherited from interface org.refcodes.component.Closable

        closeIn, closeQuietly, closeUnchecked
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        getConnectionStatus, isConnectionOpened
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    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractInputStreamByteReceiver

        public AbstractInputStreamByteReceiver​()
    • Method Detail

      • hasDatagram

        public boolean hasDatagram​()
                            throws org.refcodes.component.OpenException
        Description copied from interface: Receivable
        Determines whether a datagram is available from a DatagramSender. Use the DatagramProvider extenison's DatagramProvider.readDatagram() method for retrieving the available datagram.
        Specified by:
        hasDatagram in interface Receivable
        True in case there is a datagram ready to be retrieved .
        org.refcodes.component.OpenException - Thrown in case opening or accessing an open line (connection, junction, link) caused problems.
      • readDatagram

        public byte readDatagram​()
                          throws org.refcodes.component.OpenException,
        Reads (receives) the next byte passed from a DatagramSender counterpart. In case none byte is available, then this method blocks until one is available. To prevent blocking, use the ByteDatagramReceiver extension's Receivable.hasDatagram() method to test beforehand whether a byte is available (in a multi-threaded usage scenario, Receivable.hasDatagram() is not a reliable indicator whether this method will block or not). When a Thread is waiting for a byte to be read and Thread.interrupt() is being called, then the operation is aborted and an InterruptedException is thrown.
        Specified by:
        readDatagram in interface ByteDatagramProvider
        The next byte sent from the ByteDatagramSender counterpart.
        org.refcodes.component.OpenException - Thrown in case opening or accessing an open line (connection, junction, link) caused problems.
        java.lang.InterruptedException - Thrown when a Thread is waiting, sleeping, or otherwise occupied, and the Thread is interrupted, either before or during the activity.
      • releaseAll

        public void releaseAll​()
        Specified by:
        releaseAll in interface org.refcodes.mixin.Releaseable
      • close

        public void close​()
                   throws org.refcodes.component.CloseException
        Specified by:
        close in interface org.refcodes.component.Closable
        close in class org.refcodes.component.AbstractConnectableAutomaton
      • open

        protected void open​( aInputStream)
                     throws org.refcodes.component.OpenException
        Open, see
        aInputStream - the input stream
        org.refcodes.component.OpenException - the open exception
      • isOpenable

        protected boolean isOpenable​( aInputStream)
        Checks if is openable. See also ConnectionOpenable.ConnectionOpenAutomaton.isOpenable(Object).
        aInputStream - the input stream
        true, if is openable