Interface EventMatcher<E extends GenericEvent<?>>

  • Type Parameters:
    E - The matchee type
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    public interface EventMatcher<E extends GenericEvent<?>>
    extends org.refcodes.matcher.Matcher<E>
    This interface typifies the Matcher interface for the usage with GenericActionEvent instances. An EventMatcher most commonly uses the EventMetaData (as defined with the GenericMetaDataEvent) in order to determine whether an GenericActionEvent matches EventMetaData properties or not.
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      • isMatching

        boolean isMatching​(E aEvent)
        Tests whether the given GenericActionEvent is matching the Matcher's criteria.
        Specified by:
        isMatching in interface org.refcodes.matcher.Matcher<E extends GenericEvent<?>>
        aEvent - The GenericActionEvent used for testing its matchability.
        True in case the GenericActionEvent matches the Matcher's criteria, else false.