package internal

Linear Supertypes
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Type Members

  1. trait AbstractFileApi extends AnyRef

  2. trait AnnotationCheckers extends AnyRef

    Additions to the type checker that can be added at run time.

  3. trait AnnotationInfos extends api.AnnotationInfos

    AnnotationInfo and its helpers

  4. trait BaseTypeSeqs extends AnyRef

    A base type sequence (BaseTypeSeq) is an ordered sequence spanning all the base types of a type.

  5. trait BuildUtils extends base.BuildUtils

  6. trait CapturedVariables extends AnyRef

  7. trait Chars extends AnyRef

    Contains constants and classifier methods for characters

  8. trait Constants extends api.Constants

  9. trait Definitions extends StandardDefinitions

  10. trait ExistentialsAndSkolems extends AnyRef

    The name of this trait defines the eventual intent better than it does the initial contents.

  11. case class FatalError(msg: String) extends java.lang.Exception with Product with Serializable

  12. trait FlagSets extends api.FlagSets

  13. class Flags extends ModifierFlags

    All flags and associated operatins

  14. trait HasFlags extends AnyRef

    Common code utilized by Modifiers (which carry the flags associated with Trees) and Symbol.

  15. trait Importers extends AnyRef

  16. trait InfoTransformers extends AnyRef

  17. trait Kinds extends AnyRef

  18. trait LowPriorityNames extends AnyRef

  19. type MirrorOf[U <: Universe with Singleton] = base.MirrorOf[U]

  20. trait Mirrors extends api.Mirrors

  21. class MissingRequirementError extends FatalError

  22. class ModifierFlags extends AnyRef

    Flags set on Modifiers instances in the parsing stage.

  23. trait Names extends api.Names with LowPriorityNames

    The class Names .

  24. abstract class Phase extends AnyRef

  25. trait Positions extends api.Positions

  26. trait Printers extends api.Printers

  27. trait Required extends AnyRef

  28. trait Scopes extends base.Scopes

  29. trait StdAttachments extends AnyRef

  30. trait StdCreators extends AnyRef

  31. trait StdNames extends AnyRef

  32. abstract class SymbolTable extends Universe with Collections with Names with Symbols with Types with Kinds with ExistentialsAndSkolems with FlagSets with Scopes with Mirrors with Definitions with Constants with BaseTypeSeqs with InfoTransformers with Transforms with StdNames with AnnotationInfos with AnnotationCheckers with Trees with Printers with Positions with TypeDebugging with Importers with Required with CapturedVariables with StdAttachments with StdCreators with BuildUtils

  33. trait Symbols extends api.Symbols

  34. abstract class TreeGen extends TreeBuilder

  35. abstract class TreeInfo extends AnyRef

    This class .

  36. trait Trees extends api.Trees

  37. trait TypeDebugging extends AnyRef

  38. trait Types extends api.Types

Value Members

  1. object BaseTypeSeqsStats

  2. object Chars extends Chars

  3. object ClassfileConstants

  4. object Flags extends Flags

  5. object MissingRequirementError extends Serializable

  6. object ModifierFlags extends ModifierFlags

  7. object NoPhase extends Phase

  8. object SomePhase extends Phase

  9. object SymbolTableStats

  10. object SymbolsStats

  11. object TreesStats

  12. object TypesStats

  13. package pickling

  14. package settings

  15. package transform

  16. package util

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