package util

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Type Members

  1. class BatchSourceFile extends SourceFile

    a file whose contents do not change over time

  2. trait Collections extends AnyRef

    Profiler driven changes.

  3. case class FakePos(msg: String) extends Position with Product with Serializable

  4. class HashSet[T >: Null <: AnyRef] extends Set[T] with Clearable

  5. class OffsetPosition extends Position

  6. abstract class Origins extends AnyRef

    A debugging class for logging from whence a method is being called.

  7. abstract class Position extends Attachments with PositionApi

  8. class RangePosition extends OffsetPosition

    new for position ranges

  9. class ScriptSourceFile extends BatchSourceFile

  10. abstract class Set[T <: AnyRef] extends AnyRef

    A common class for lightweight sets.

  11. abstract class SourceFile extends AnyRef

    abstract base class of a source file used in the compiler

  12. trait StringOps extends AnyRef

    This object provides utility methods to extract elements from Strings.

  13. class TableDef[T] extends AnyRef

    A class for representing tabular data in a way that preserves its inner beauty.

  14. trait TraceSymbolActivity extends AnyRef

  15. class TransparentPosition extends RangePosition

  16. class WeakHashSet[T <: AnyRef] extends AbstractFunction1[T, Boolean] with Clearable

    A bare-bones implementation of a mutable Set that uses weak references to hold the elements.

  17. class WeakReferenceWithEquals[T <: AnyRef] extends AnyRef

    A WeakReference implementation that implements equals and hashCode by delegating to the referent.

Value Members

  1. object Collections extends Collections

  2. object HashSet

  3. object NoFile extends VirtualFile

  4. object NoPosition extends Position with Product with Serializable

  5. object NoSourceFile extends SourceFile

    An object representing a missing source file.

  6. object Origins

  7. object Position

  8. object ScriptSourceFile

  9. object Statistics

  10. object StringOps extends StringOps

  11. object TableDef

  12. object ThreeValues

    A simple three value type for booleans with an unknown value

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