class BinderEnv

[source: scala/util/parsing/ast/Binders.scala]

abstract class BinderEnv
extends AnyRef
An environment that maps a `NameElement' to the scope in which it is bound. This can be used to model scoping during parsing. (This class is similar to Burak's ECOOP paper on pattern matching, except that we use `==' instead of `eq', thus types can't be unified in general) TODO: more documentation
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Method Summary
abstract def apply [A <: NameElement](v : A) : Option[Scope[A]]
def extend [a <: NameElement](v : a, x : Scope[a]) : BinderEnv
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Method Details
abstract def apply[A <: NameElement](v : A) : Option[Scope[A]]

def extend[a <: NameElement](v : a, x : Scope[a]) : BinderEnv