object Expression

[source: scala/xml/path/Expression.scala]

object Expression
extends AnyRef
Method Summary
final def testFromString (x : java.lang.String) : Test
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==, !=, isInstanceOf, asInstanceOf
Class Summary
case class Attrib (val test : NameTest, val e : Expr) extends GenExp with Product
case class Child (val test : Test, val e : Expr) extends Expr with Product
abstract class Cond extends AnyRef
case class DescOrSelf (val test : Test, val e : Expr) extends Expr with Product
case class Equals (val p : Expr, val c : java.lang.String) extends Cond with Product
case class Exists (val p : GenExp) extends Cond with Product
abstract class Expr extends GenExp
case class FExp (val e : Expr, val c : Cond) extends Product
abstract class GenExp extends AnyRef
case class NameTest (val label : java.lang.String) extends Test with Product
abstract class Test extends AnyRef
Object Summary
case object Root extends Expr with Product
case object WildcardTest extends Test with Product
Method Details
final def testFromString(x : java.lang.String) : Test