trait IndexedSeq

[source: scala/collection/IndexedSeq.scala]

trait IndexedSeq[+A]
extends Seq[A] with GenericTraversableTemplate[A, IndexedSeq] with IndexedSeqLike[A, IndexedSeq[A]]

Sequences that support O(1) element access and O(1) length computation.

This class does not add any methods to Sequence but overrides several methods with optimized implementations.

Sean McDirmid
Martin Odersky
Direct Known Subclasses:
IndexedSeqViewLike, IndexedSeq, PagedSeq, IndexedSeq

Method Summary
override def companion : GenericCompanion[IndexedSeq]
The factory companion object that builds instances of class CC
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Method Details
override def companion : GenericCompanion[IndexedSeq]
The factory companion object that builds instances of class CC
Seq.companion, GenericTraversableTemplate.companion