package concurrent

Type Members

  1. trait AsyncInvokable[-T, +R] extends AnyRef

    The AsyncInvokable trait

  2. class Channel[A] extends AnyRef

    This class

  3. class DelayedLazyVal[T] extends AnyRef

    A DelayedLazyVal is a wrapper for lengthy computations which have a valid partially computed result

  4. trait FutureTaskRunner extends TaskRunner

    The FutureTaskRunner trait

  5. trait LinkedListQueueCreator extends AnyRef

    Efficient queue module creator based on linked lists

  6. trait ListQueueCreator extends AnyRef

    Inefficient but simple queue module creator

  7. class Lock extends AnyRef

    This class

  8. class MailBox extends ListQueueCreator

    This class

  9. trait ManagedBlocker extends AnyRef

    The ManagedBlocker trait

  10. trait QueueModule[A] extends AnyRef

    Module for dealing with queues

  11. class SyncChannel[A] extends AnyRef

    A SyncChannel allows one to exchange data synchronously between a reader and a writer thread

  12. class SyncVar[A] extends AnyRef

    The class SyncVar

  13. trait TaskRunner extends AnyRef

    The TaskRunner trait

  14. trait ThreadPoolRunner extends FutureTaskRunner

    The ThreadPoolRunner trait uses a java

  15. class ThreadRunner extends FutureTaskRunner

    The ThreadRunner trait

Value Members

  1. object JavaConversions extends AnyRef

    The JavaConversions object

  2. object TIMEOUT extends Product

    The message sent to a message box when the period specified in receiveWithin expires

  3. object TaskRunners extends AnyRef

    The TaskRunners object

  4. object ops extends AnyRef

    The object ops

  5. object pilib extends AnyRef

    Library for using Pi-calculus concurrent primitives in