Package org.openqa.selenium.interactions

Interface Summary
Action Interface representing a single user-interaction action.

Class Summary
Actions Implements the builder pattern: Builds a CompositeAction containing all actions specified by the method calls.
ButtonReleaseAction Releases the left mouse button
ClickAction clicks an element.
ClickAndHoldAction Presses the left mouse button without releasing it.
CompositeAction An action for aggregating actions and triggering all of them at the same time.
ContextClickAction Context-clicks an element
DoubleClickAction Double-clicks an element.
KeyDownAction Emulates key press only, without the release.
KeyUpAction Emulates key release only, without the press.
MoveMouseAction Moves the mouse to an element.
MoveToOffsetAction Move the mouse to a location within the element provided.
SendKeysAction Sending a sequence of keys to an element.

Exception Summary
InvalidCoordinatesException Indicates that the coordinates provided to an interactions operation is invalid.

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