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org.springframework.retry.backoff Infrastructure implementations of retry backoff concerns. Infrastructure implementations of retry support concerns. 

Uses of BackOffPolicy in org.springframework.retry.backoff

Classes in org.springframework.retry.backoff that implement BackOffPolicy
 class ExponentialBackOffPolicy
          Implementation of BackOffPolicy that increases the back off period for each retry attempt in a given set using the exponential function.
 class FixedBackOffPolicy
          Implementation of BackOffPolicy that pauses for a fixed period of time before continuing.
 class NoBackOffPolicy
          Implementation of BackOffPolicy that performs a no-op and as such all retry operation in a given set proceed one after the other with no pause.
 class StatelessBackOffPolicy
          Simple base class for BackOffPolicy implementations that maintain no state across invocations.

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Methods in with parameters of type BackOffPolicy
 void RetryTemplate.setBackOffPolicy(BackOffPolicy backOffPolicy)
          Setter for BackOffPolicy.

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