Package org.springframework.retry

Infrastructure implementations of retry concerns.


Interface Summary
RecoveryCallback<T> Callback for stateful retry after all tries are exhausted.
RetryCallback<T> Callback interface for an operation that can be retried using a RetryOperations.
RetryContext Low-level access to ongoing retry operation.
RetryListener Interface for listener that can be used to add behaviour to a retry.
RetryOperations Defines the basic set of operations implemented by RetryOperations to execute operations with configurable retry behaviour.
RetryPolicy A RetryPolicy is responsible for allocating and managing resources needed by RetryOperations.
RetryState Stateful retry is characterised by having to recognise the items that are being processed, so this interface is used primarily to provide a cache key in between failed attempts.
RetryStatistics Interface for statistics reporting of retry attempts.

Exception Summary

Package org.springframework.retry Description

Infrastructure implementations of retry concerns.

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