Package org.springframework.retry.policy

Infrastructure implementations of retry policy concerns.


Interface Summary
RetryContextCache Simple map-like abstraction for stateful retry policies to use when storing and retrieving RetryContext instances.

Class Summary
AlwaysRetryPolicy A RetryPolicy that always permits a retry.
CompositeRetryPolicy A RetryPolicy that composes a list of other policies and delegates calls to them in order.
ExceptionClassifierRetryPolicy A RetryPolicy that dynamically adapts to one of a set of injected policies according to the value of the latest exception.
MapRetryContextCache Map-based implementation of RetryContextCache.
NeverRetryPolicy A RetryPolicy that allows the first attempt but never permits a retry.
SimpleRetryPolicy Simple retry policy that retries a fixed number of times for a set of named exceptions (and subclasses).
SoftReferenceMapRetryContextCache Map-based implementation of RetryContextCache.
TimeoutRetryPolicy A RetryPolicy that allows a retry only if it hasn't timed out.

Exception Summary
RetryCacheCapacityExceededException Exception that indicates that a cache limit was exceeded.

Package org.springframework.retry.policy Description

Infrastructure implementations of retry policy concerns.

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