package squeryl

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Package Members

  1. package adapters
  2. package annotations
  3. package customtypes
  4. package dsl
  5. package internals
  6. package logging
  7. package pg

Type Members

  1. trait AbstractSession extends AnyRef
  2. sealed trait CanLookup extends AnyRef
  3. trait EntityMember extends AnyRef
  4. class ForeignKeyDeclaration extends AnyRef

    ForeignKeyDeclaration are to be manipulated only during the Schema definition (this is why all public methods have the implicit arg (implicit ev: Schema))

  5. trait IndirectKeyedEntity[K, T] extends KeyedEntity[K]
  6. trait KeyedEntity[K] extends PersistenceStatus

    For use with View[A] or Table[A], when A extends KeyedEntity[K], lookup and delete by key become implicitly available Example :

    For use with View[A] or Table[A], when A extends KeyedEntity[K], lookup and delete by key become implicitly available Example :

    class Peanut(weight: Float) extends KeyedEntity[Long] val peanutJar = Table[Peanut]

    Since Peanut extends KeyedEntity the delete(l:Long) method is available

    def removePeanut(idOfThePeanut: Long) = peanutJar.delete(idOfThePeanut)

    And lookup by id is also implicitly available :


  7. trait KeyedEntityDef[-A, K] extends OptionalKeyedEntityDef[A, K]
  8. class LazySession extends AbstractSession
  9. trait Optimistic extends AnyRef
  10. trait OptionalKeyedEntityDef[-A, K] extends AnyRef
  11. trait PersistenceStatus extends AnyRef
  12. trait PrimitiveTypeMode extends QueryDsl with FieldMapper
  13. trait Query[R] extends Queryable[R]
  14. trait Queryable[T] extends AnyRef
  15. trait ReferentialAction extends AnyRef
  16. class Schema extends AnyRef
  17. class Session extends AbstractSession
  18. trait SessionFactory extends AnyRef
  19. class SquerylSQLException extends RuntimeException
  20. class StaleUpdateException extends RuntimeException
  21. class Table[T] extends View[T]
  22. class View[T] extends Queryable[T]

    This class can be used for read only tables or (database) views for an updatable view, or table use Table[T]

Value Members

  1. object Session
  2. object SessionFactory
  3. object SquerylSQLException extends Serializable

    Thrown to indicate that an error has occurred in the SQL database

Deprecated Value Members

  1. object PrimitiveTypeMode extends PrimitiveTypeMode

    (Since version 0.9.6) the PrimitiveTypeMode companion object is deprecated, you should define a mix in the trait for your application. See : http://squeryl.org/0.9.6.html