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BaseHttpMessage - Interface in org.zalando.logbook
BaseHttpMessage.HeadersBuilder - Class in org.zalando.logbook
BaseHttpRequest - Interface in org.zalando.logbook
BaseHttpResponse - Interface in org.zalando.logbook
BodyObfuscator - Interface in org.zalando.logbook
build() - Method in class org.zalando.logbook.BaseHttpMessage.HeadersBuilder
builder() - Static method in interface org.zalando.logbook.Logbook


Correlation<Request,Response> - Interface in org.zalando.logbook
Correlator - Interface in org.zalando.logbook
create() - Static method in interface org.zalando.logbook.Logbook


delegate() - Method in class org.zalando.logbook.ForwardingHttpMessage
delegate() - Method in class org.zalando.logbook.ForwardingHttpRequest
delegate() - Method in class org.zalando.logbook.ForwardingHttpResponse
delegate() - Method in class org.zalando.logbook.ForwardingRawHttpRequest


format(Precorrelation<HttpRequest>) - Method in interface org.zalando.logbook.HttpLogFormatter
format(Correlation<HttpRequest, HttpResponse>) - Method in interface org.zalando.logbook.HttpLogFormatter
ForwardingHttpMessage - Class in org.zalando.logbook
ForwardingHttpMessage() - Constructor for class org.zalando.logbook.ForwardingHttpMessage
ForwardingHttpRequest - Class in org.zalando.logbook
ForwardingHttpRequest() - Constructor for class org.zalando.logbook.ForwardingHttpRequest
ForwardingHttpResponse - Class in org.zalando.logbook
ForwardingHttpResponse() - Constructor for class org.zalando.logbook.ForwardingHttpResponse
ForwardingRawHttpRequest - Class in org.zalando.logbook
ForwardingRawHttpRequest() - Constructor for class org.zalando.logbook.ForwardingRawHttpRequest


getBody() - Method in class org.zalando.logbook.ForwardingHttpMessage
getBody() - Method in interface org.zalando.logbook.HttpMessage
getBodyAsString() - Method in class org.zalando.logbook.ForwardingHttpMessage
getBodyAsString() - Method in interface org.zalando.logbook.HttpMessage
getCharset() - Method in interface org.zalando.logbook.BaseHttpMessage
getCharset() - Method in class org.zalando.logbook.ForwardingHttpMessage
getCharset() - Method in class org.zalando.logbook.ForwardingRawHttpRequest
getContentType() - Method in interface org.zalando.logbook.BaseHttpMessage
getContentType() - Method in class org.zalando.logbook.ForwardingHttpMessage
getContentType() - Method in class org.zalando.logbook.ForwardingRawHttpRequest
getHeaders() - Method in interface org.zalando.logbook.BaseHttpMessage
getHeaders() - Method in class org.zalando.logbook.ForwardingHttpMessage
getHeaders() - Method in class org.zalando.logbook.ForwardingRawHttpRequest
getHost() - Method in interface org.zalando.logbook.BaseHttpRequest
getHost() - Method in class org.zalando.logbook.ForwardingHttpRequest
getHost() - Method in class org.zalando.logbook.ForwardingRawHttpRequest
getId() - Method in interface org.zalando.logbook.Correlation
getId() - Method in interface org.zalando.logbook.Precorrelation
getMethod() - Method in interface org.zalando.logbook.BaseHttpRequest
getMethod() - Method in class org.zalando.logbook.ForwardingHttpRequest
getMethod() - Method in class org.zalando.logbook.ForwardingRawHttpRequest
getOrigin() - Method in interface org.zalando.logbook.BaseHttpMessage
getOrigin() - Method in class org.zalando.logbook.ForwardingHttpMessage
getOrigin() - Method in class org.zalando.logbook.ForwardingRawHttpRequest
getPath() - Method in interface org.zalando.logbook.BaseHttpRequest
getPath() - Method in class org.zalando.logbook.ForwardingHttpRequest
getPath() - Method in class org.zalando.logbook.ForwardingRawHttpRequest
getPort() - Method in interface org.zalando.logbook.BaseHttpRequest
getPort() - Method in class org.zalando.logbook.ForwardingHttpRequest
getPort() - Method in class org.zalando.logbook.ForwardingRawHttpRequest
getProtocolVersion() - Method in interface org.zalando.logbook.BaseHttpMessage
getProtocolVersion() - Method in class org.zalando.logbook.ForwardingHttpMessage
getProtocolVersion() - Method in class org.zalando.logbook.ForwardingRawHttpRequest
getQuery() - Method in interface org.zalando.logbook.BaseHttpRequest
getQuery() - Method in class org.zalando.logbook.ForwardingHttpRequest
getQuery() - Method in class org.zalando.logbook.ForwardingRawHttpRequest
getRemote() - Method in interface org.zalando.logbook.BaseHttpRequest
getRemote() - Method in class org.zalando.logbook.ForwardingHttpRequest
getRemote() - Method in class org.zalando.logbook.ForwardingRawHttpRequest
getRequest() - Method in interface org.zalando.logbook.Correlation
getRequest() - Method in interface org.zalando.logbook.Precorrelation
getRequestUri() - Method in interface org.zalando.logbook.BaseHttpRequest
Absolute Request URI including scheme, host, port (unless http/80 or https/443), path and query string.
getRequestUri() - Method in class org.zalando.logbook.ForwardingHttpRequest
getRequestUri() - Method in class org.zalando.logbook.ForwardingRawHttpRequest
getResponse() - Method in interface org.zalando.logbook.Correlation
getScheme() - Method in interface org.zalando.logbook.BaseHttpRequest
getScheme() - Method in class org.zalando.logbook.ForwardingHttpRequest
getScheme() - Method in class org.zalando.logbook.ForwardingRawHttpRequest
getStatus() - Method in interface org.zalando.logbook.BaseHttpResponse
getStatus() - Method in class org.zalando.logbook.ForwardingHttpResponse


HeaderObfuscator - Interface in org.zalando.logbook
HeadersBuilder() - Constructor for class org.zalando.logbook.BaseHttpMessage.HeadersBuilder
HttpLogFormatter - Interface in org.zalando.logbook
HttpLogWriter - Interface in org.zalando.logbook
HttpMessage - Interface in org.zalando.logbook
HttpRequest - Interface in org.zalando.logbook
HttpResponse - Interface in org.zalando.logbook


isActive(RawHttpRequest) - Method in interface org.zalando.logbook.HttpLogWriter


Logbook - Interface in org.zalando.logbook
LogbookCreator - Class in org.zalando.logbook


merge(BodyObfuscator, BodyObfuscator) - Static method in interface org.zalando.logbook.BodyObfuscator
merge(HeaderObfuscator, HeaderObfuscator) - Static method in interface org.zalando.logbook.HeaderObfuscator
merge(QueryObfuscator, QueryObfuscator) - Static method in interface org.zalando.logbook.QueryObfuscator
merge(RequestObfuscator, RequestObfuscator) - Static method in interface org.zalando.logbook.RequestObfuscator
merge(ResponseObfuscator, ResponseObfuscator) - Static method in interface org.zalando.logbook.ResponseObfuscator


none() - Static method in interface org.zalando.logbook.BodyObfuscator
none() - Static method in interface org.zalando.logbook.HeaderObfuscator
none() - Static method in interface org.zalando.logbook.QueryObfuscator
none() - Static method in interface org.zalando.logbook.RequestObfuscator
none() - Static method in interface org.zalando.logbook.ResponseObfuscator


obfuscate(String, String) - Method in interface org.zalando.logbook.BodyObfuscator
obfuscate(String, String) - Method in interface org.zalando.logbook.HeaderObfuscator
obfuscate(String) - Method in interface org.zalando.logbook.QueryObfuscator
obfuscate(HttpRequest) - Method in interface org.zalando.logbook.RequestObfuscator
obfuscate(HttpResponse) - Method in interface org.zalando.logbook.ResponseObfuscator
org.zalando.logbook - package org.zalando.logbook
Origin - Enum in org.zalando.logbook


Precorrelation<Request> - Interface in org.zalando.logbook
put(String, String) - Method in class org.zalando.logbook.BaseHttpMessage.HeadersBuilder
put(String, Iterable<String>) - Method in class org.zalando.logbook.BaseHttpMessage.HeadersBuilder


QueryObfuscator - Interface in org.zalando.logbook


RawHttpRequest - Interface in org.zalando.logbook
RawHttpResponse - Interface in org.zalando.logbook
RequestObfuscator - Interface in org.zalando.logbook
ResponseObfuscator - Interface in org.zalando.logbook


toString() - Method in class org.zalando.logbook.ForwardingHttpMessage
toString() - Method in class org.zalando.logbook.ForwardingRawHttpRequest


valueOf(String) - Static method in enum org.zalando.logbook.Origin
Returns the enum constant of this type with the specified name.
values() - Static method in enum org.zalando.logbook.Origin
Returns an array containing the constants of this enum type, in the order they are declared.


withBody() - Method in class org.zalando.logbook.ForwardingRawHttpRequest
withBody() - Method in interface org.zalando.logbook.RawHttpRequest
withBody() - Method in interface org.zalando.logbook.RawHttpResponse
write(RawHttpResponse) - Method in interface org.zalando.logbook.Correlator
write(RawHttpRequest) - Method in interface org.zalando.logbook.Logbook
writeRequest(Precorrelation<String>) - Method in interface org.zalando.logbook.HttpLogWriter
writeResponse(Correlation<String, String>) - Method in interface org.zalando.logbook.HttpLogWriter
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