package almond

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Type Members

  1. final class Execute extends AnyRef

    Wraps contextual things around when executing code (capturing output, stdin via front-ends, interruption, etc.)

  2. final class JupyterApiImpl extends JupyterApi with FullJupyterApi with VariableInspectorApiImpl

    Actual almond.api.JupyterApi instance

  3. final class ReplApiImpl extends ammonite.repl.ReplApiImpl

    Actual ammonite.repl.api.ReplAPI instance

  4. final class ScalaInterpreter extends Interpreter with AsyncInterpreterOps

    Holds bits of state for the interpreter, and implements almond.interpreter.Interpreter.

  5. final case class ScalaInterpreterParams(updateBackgroundVariablesEcOpt: Option[ExecutionContext] = None, extraRepos: Seq[String] = Nil, extraBannerOpt: Option[String] = None, extraLinks: Seq[Link] = Nil, predefCode: String = "", predefFiles: Seq[Path] = Nil, automaticDependencies: Map[Module, Seq[Dependency]] = Map(), automaticVersions: Map[Module, String] = Map(), forceMavenProperties: Map[String, String] = Map(), mavenProfiles: Map[String, Boolean] = Map(), codeWrapper: CodeWrapper = CodeClassWrapper, initialColors: Colors = Colors.Default, initialClassLoader: ClassLoader = ..., metabrowse: Boolean = false, metabrowseHost: String = "localhost", metabrowsePort: Int = -1, lazyInit: Boolean = false, trapOutput: Boolean = false, disableCache: Boolean = false, autoUpdateLazyVals: Boolean = true, autoUpdateVars: Boolean = true, allowVariableInspector: Option[Boolean] = None) extends Product with Serializable
  6. trait VariableInspectorApiImpl extends JupyterApi

Value Members

  1. object Execute
  2. object ReplApiImpl