Interface Detector.OtherFileScanner

Enclosing class:

public static interface Detector.OtherFileScanner

Specialized interface for detectors that scan other files

Method Summary
 java.util.EnumSet<Scope> getApplicableFiles()
          Returns the set of files this scanner wants to consider.

Method Detail


java.util.EnumSet<Scope> getApplicableFiles()
Returns the set of files this scanner wants to consider. If this includes Scope.OTHER then all source files will be checked. Note that the set of files will not just include files of the indicated type, but all files within the relevant source folder. For example, returning Scope.JAVA_FILE will not just return .java files, but also other resource files such as .html and other files found within the Java source folders.

Lint will call the} method when the file should be checked.

set of scopes that define the types of source files the detector wants to consider