Interface Detector.ResourceFolderScanner

Enclosing class:

public static interface Detector.ResourceFolderScanner

Specialized interface for detectors that scan resource folders (the folder directory itself, not the individual files within it

Method Summary
 boolean appliesTo( folderType)
          Returns whether this detector applies to the given folder type.
 void checkFolder(ResourceContext context, java.lang.String folderName)
          Called for each resource folder

Method Detail


void checkFolder(@NonNull
                 ResourceContext context,
                 java.lang.String folderName)
Called for each resource folder

context - the context for the resource folder
folderName - the resource folder name


boolean appliesTo(@NonNull
Returns whether this detector applies to the given folder type. This allows the detectors to be pruned from iteration, so for example when we are analyzing a string value file we don't need to look up detectors related to layout.

folderType - the folder type to be visited
true if this detector can apply to resources in folders of the given type