Interface ActionControl

All Superinterfaces:
ActionListenable, ActionModel, Component, Control, DepictedObject, Displayable, Enableable, InfoModel, InputFocusableComponent, LabelModel, Model, PresentationModel, com.globalmentor.beans.PropertyBindable, com.globalmentor.beans.PropertyConstrainable
All Known Subinterfaces:
ActionValueControl<V>, ButtonControl, LinkControl, Menu, SelectActionControl, SelectButtonControl, SelectLinkControl, ToolButtonControl
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractActionControl, AbstractActionValueControl, AbstractBooleanSelectActionControl, AbstractButtonControl, AbstractLinkControl, AbstractMenu, AbstractSelectActionControl, AbstractSelectActionValueControl, AccordionMenu, BooleanSelectButton, BooleanSelectLink, BooleanSelectToolButton, Button, DropMenu, HeadingLink, ImageActionControl, ImageBooleanSelectActionControl, Link, PendingImageActionControl, SelectButton, SelectLink, TaskStateSelectLink, ToolButton, ValueSelectButton, ValueSelectLink

public interface ActionControl extends Control, ActionModel
A general control with an action model.
Garret Wilson
  • Field Details


      static final String ROLLOVER_PROPERTY
      The bound property of the rollover state.
  • Method Details

    • isRollover

      boolean isRollover()
      Whether the component is in a rollover state.
    • setRollover

      void setRollover(boolean newRollover)
      Sets whether the component is in a rollover state. This is a bound property of type Boolean.
      newRollover - true if the component should be in a rollover state, else false.
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