Class BooleanSelectButton

All Implemented Interfaces:
com.globalmentor.beans.PropertyBindable, com.globalmentor.beans.PropertyConstrainable, com.globalmentor.model.MutableValued<Boolean>, com.globalmentor.model.Valued<Boolean>, ActionControl, ActionValueControl<Boolean>, ButtonControl, Component, Control, InputFocusableComponent, LabelDisplayableComponent, SelectActionControl, SelectButtonControl, ValueControl<Boolean>, ValuedComponent<Boolean>, ActionListenable, ActionModel, Displayable, Enableable, InfoModel, LabelModel, Model, Selectable, PresentationModel, ValueModel<Boolean>, DepictedObject

public class BooleanSelectButton extends AbstractBooleanSelectActionControl implements SelectButtonControl
Button that stores a Boolean value in its model representing the selected state. A validator requiring a non-null value is automatically installed.
Garret Wilson
  • Constructor Details

    • BooleanSelectButton

      public BooleanSelectButton()
      Default constructor.
    • BooleanSelectButton

      public BooleanSelectButton(InfoModel infoModel, ActionModel actionModel, ValueModel<Boolean> valueModel, Enableable enableable)
      Info model, action model, value model, and enableable object constructor.
      infoModel - The component info model.
      actionModel - The component action model.
      valueModel - The component value model.
      enableable - The enableable object in which to store enabled status.
      NullPointerException - if the given info model, action model, and/or enableable object is null.
    • BooleanSelectButton

      public BooleanSelectButton(ValuePrototype<Boolean> valuePrototype)
      Prototype constructor.
      valuePrototype - The prototype on which this component should be based.