Interface InputFocusGroupComponent

All Superinterfaces:
Component, DepictedObject, Displayable, InfoModel, InputFocusableComponent, LabelModel, Model, PresentationModel, com.globalmentor.beans.PropertyBindable, com.globalmentor.beans.PropertyConstrainable
All Known Subinterfaces:
ApplicationFrame, DialogFrame<V>, FlyoverFrame, Frame, ModalFrame<R>, OptionDialogFrame<O>
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractApplicationFrame, AbstractDialogFrame, AbstractFlyoverFrame, AbstractFrame, AbstractModalFrame, AbstractOptionDialogFrame, CalendarDialogFrame, DefaultApplicationFrame, DefaultDialogFrame, DefaultFlyoverFrame, DefaultFrame, DefaultModalFrame, MessageOptionDialogFrame, NotificationOptionDialogFrame

public interface InputFocusGroupComponent extends InputFocusableComponent
An input focusable Guise component that serves as a parent of other components that can receive input focus.
Garret Wilson
  • Field Details


      static final String INPUT_FOCUS_STRATEGY_PROPERTY
      The input focus strategy bound property.

      The input focused component bound property.
  • Method Details

    • getInputFocusStrategy

      InputFocusStrategy getInputFocusStrategy()
      The input focus strategy for this input focus group.
    • setInputFocusStrategy

      void setInputFocusStrategy(InputFocusStrategy newInputFocusStrategy)
      Sets the input focus strategy. This is a bound property
      newInputFocusStrategy - The input focus strategy for this group.
      NullPointerException - if the given input focus strategy is null.
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    • getInputFocusedComponent

      InputFocusableComponent getInputFocusedComponent()
      Indicates the component within this group that has the input focus. The focused component may be another InputFocusGroupComponent, which in turn will have its own focused component.
      The component within this group that has the input focus, or null if no component currently has the input focus.
    • setInputFocusedComponent

      void setInputFocusedComponent(InputFocusableComponent newInputFocusedComponent) throws PropertyVetoException
      Sets the focused component within this input focus group. This is a bound property.
      newInputFocusedComponent - The component to receive the input focus.
      PropertyVetoException - if the given component is not a focusable component within this input focus group, the component cannot receive the input focus, or the input focus change has otherwise been vetoed.
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