Module org.dyn4j

Package org.dyn4j.collision.manifold

Sub package of the Collision package handling contact manifold generation.

Once a Penetration object has been found between two Convex Shapes using a NarrowphaseDetector, the next step is to find where the collision occurred by using a ManifoldSolver.

A ManifoldSolver is an algorithm that generates a contact Manifold for a collision.

A contact Manifold is an object representing the surface or point where the two Convex Shapes are in contact in a collision.

Manifolds are currently one or two points and represent either a single point or a straight edge respectively. Curved edges are not represented and instead use the single point representation. In two dimensions the Manifold will always have two or less contact points.

A Manifold is made up of one or more ManifoldPoints which describe the information for each contact point in the collision. The ManifoldPoints have a ManifoldPointId associated with them to facilitate caching.

Only one implementation of the ManifoldSolver is provided: ClippingManifoldSolver.

William Bittle