Module org.dyn4j

Package org.dyn4j.dynamics.joint

Sub package of the Dynamics package containing joints.

Joints are connections between bodies that limit their relative motion.

Joints are solved using an iterative constraint based approach in the same manner as contacts.

All joints, with exception of the PinJoint join a pair of PhysicsBodys.

Current joint implementations:

  • AngleJoint for constraining the rotation of two bodies
  • DistanceJoint for fixed length distance, spring/damper, and limits
  • FrictionJoint for applying friction, air resistance, joint friction, etc
  • MotorJoint primarily for character control
  • PinJoint specifically to connect a distance joint with spring/damper to one body
  • PrismaticJoint for only allowing relative linear motion along an axis with or without a motor and limits
  • PulleyJoint for creating a pulley with or without block-and- tackle
  • RevoluteJoint for only allowing relative rotation with or without a motor
  • WeldJoint for connecting two bodies together completely
  • WheelJoint for connecting two bodies in a frame-wheel type configuration with linear spring/damper and angular motor
William Bittle