Module org.dyn4j

Package org.dyn4j.geometry

This package contains geometric and mathematical constructs.

The main focus of this package are Convex Shapes. The classes implementing the Convex interface can be used in collision detection.

Current supported convex shapes:

Some Shapes, particularly Ellipse and HalfEllipse are not compatible with all collision detection algorithms.

To create more Shape types extend the AbstractShape class and implement the Convex interface to allow participation in collision detection.

All shapes can be constructed using their respective constructors or via the Geometry class. The Shape constructors do not duplicate the input information whereas the Geometry class methods do. The Geometry class methods can also place the newly created shape at the origin for easier manipulation.

While the Shape classes allow for some manipulation, but it's not recommend to do so after creation, except for the rotate and translate methods.

Vectors, points and vertices are all represented by the Vector2 class.

William Bittle