Module org.dyn4j

Package org.dyn4j

Main package containing general classes used by the library.

The Version class can be used to retrieve the version of the library that is currently running.

The Epsilon class can be used to test near zero values (using an estimated double precision value).

The library is designed to work with MKS (meters-kilograms-seconds) units. Many default settings in a variety of classes are defined based on the MKS unit system. Use the UnitConversion class to help convert from other units to MKS.

Many classes in the library implement the DataContainer interface. This interface defines a simple set of methods for store custom data along with the objects in the library.

The BinarySearchTree class is a generic implementation of an optionally self-balanced binary tree and a supporting class to the library. Use the BinarySearchTreeSearchCriteria interface to perform custom searches on the tree.

The Reference class is another supporting class. This class is typically used to create a member variable which encapsulates a reference to another piece of data, a primitive for example to provide mutability on a single reference.

William Bittle