Class LayoutDetector

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public abstract class LayoutDetector
extends ResourceXmlDetector

Abstract class specifically intended for layout detectors which provides some common utility methods shared by layout detectors.

NOTE: This is not a public or final API; if you rely on this be prepared to adjust your code for the next tools release.

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Detector.BinaryResourceScanner, Detector.ClassScanner, Detector.GradleScanner, Detector.JavaScanner, Detector.OtherFileScanner, Detector.ResourceFolderScanner, Detector.XmlScanner
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Method Summary
 boolean appliesTo( folderType)
          Returns whether this detector applies to the given folder type.
protected  boolean hasPadding(org.w3c.dom.Element root)
protected static boolean isHeightFillParent(org.w3c.dom.Element element)
protected static boolean isWidthFillParent(org.w3c.dom.Element element)
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appliesTo, run
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afterCheckFile, afterCheckLibraryProject, afterCheckProject, applicableSuperClasses, appliesToFolder, appliesToResourceRefs, beforeCheckFile, beforeCheckLibraryProject, beforeCheckProject, checkBinaryResource, checkCall, checkClass, checkClass, checkFolder, checkInstruction, createJavaVisitor, getApplicableAsmNodeTypes, getApplicableAttributes, getApplicableCallNames, getApplicableCallOwners, getApplicableConstructorTypes, getApplicableElements, getApplicableFiles, getApplicableMethodNames, getApplicableNodeTypes, getSpeed, getSpeed, visitAttribute, visitBuildScript, visitConstructor, visitDocument, visitElement, visitElementAfter, visitMethod, visitResourceReference
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Constructor Detail


public LayoutDetector()
Method Detail


public boolean appliesTo(@NonNull
Description copied from class: ResourceXmlDetector
Returns whether this detector applies to the given folder type. This allows the detectors to be pruned from iteration, so for example when we are analyzing a string value file we don't need to look up detectors related to layout.

appliesTo in class ResourceXmlDetector
folderType - the folder type to be visited
true if this detector can apply to resources in folders of the given type


protected static boolean isWidthFillParent(@NonNull
                                           org.w3c.dom.Element element)


protected static boolean isHeightFillParent(@NonNull
                                            org.w3c.dom.Element element)


protected boolean hasPadding(@NonNull
                             org.w3c.dom.Element root)